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It was great to get back in the "swing" of JLTA with the Captains' Meeting. Season play will start next week ( Sept. 1st - Sept. 4th) for all colors except Platinum. Platinum's season begins Sept. 15th.
A majority of the membership voted to change the singles format to "four courts" of singles. This does not affect our Fall season and will be implemented in Spring 2016.


TUES. 8-25 - Mandatory Captains meeting at CCJ at 11:30 am
TUES. 9-1 - Gold season begins
WED. 9-2 - White/Bronze season begins
THURS. 9-3 - Red/Blue season begins
FRI. 9-4 - Yellow season begins

TUES. 9-15 - Platinum season begins

TUES. 10-27 - Platinum/Gold last regular season match
WED. 10-28 - White/Bronze last regular season match
THURS. 10-29 - Red/Blue last regular season match
FRI. 10-30 - Yellow last regular season match
MAKE UP WEEK NOV. 3rd thru NOV. 6th

MON. 11-9 - Spring 2016 online registration begins
FRI. 11-20 - Spring 2016 online registration ends

TUES. 12-1 - Board meeting at 9:00am
TUES. 2-16 - Mandatory Captains meeting at CCJ at 11:30 am
FRI. 2-19 - Spring 2016 season begins

We have Gold and White teams looking for players. Interested? Contact

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